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An author whose writing will grab you and not let go! R.S. Guthrie was voted by The Author Show as one of "Fifty Great Writers You Should Be Reading".
In BLOOD LAND, the first of the James Pruett Mysteries, crime's an ugly constant in the big cities. L.A. Chicago. New York. But when a savage murder brutalizes a small town and neighbor turns on neighbor, a tough-as-nails cop is essential to restoring order. Blood Land is a gritty, emotional saga set in the contemporary Wyoming badlands with both greed and vengeance at its core. 
When billions of dollars in 21st century natural gas rights hang in the balance, and the town's top law officer's wife is slain by her own brother, a reluctant hero is forced to battle his own demons and ultimately choose between justice, revenge, and duty.

MONEY LAND is the sequel to the riveting, Blood Land, that introduced the Sheriff James Pruett Mystery/Thriller series. Big crime has come literally crashing down on the small town of Wind River, Wyoming. 
When a small plane bound for the Canadian border carrying money for the Sustantivo Cartel smashes into the glacial Wind River Mountains, the event brings a heartless evil presence to one of the more remote places on earth. 
The tail of the plane is discovered, empty. No drugs. No money. Shortly afterward, people start dying. When the cartel comes to town, Pruett will do anything within his power to save his town, his people, the land, and his family. Anything. 

In HONOR LAND, the third James Pruett Mystery, the hero is faced with the biggest challenge of his life: saving the life of an even larger hero. Honor Land is a gritty, emotional story of patriotism, multiple murders, a hero Delta Force veteran, Kyle Yoder, who doesn't understand himself any longer, much less whether or not he is capable of the brutal crimes for which he is charged. 
James Pruett and his team will have to uncover the answers if they are to keep Yoder from a guilty verdict and a mandatory execution by lethal injection. 

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<![CDATA[INDIE SPOTLIGHT on WILD CARD by Luke Murphy @AuthorLMurphy #thriller #mystery]]>Sat, 14 Oct 2017 03:19:10 GMThttp://rickiwilson.com/indie-spotlight/indie-spotlight-on-wild-card-by-luke-murphy-authorlmurphy-thriller-mystery
“This one contains all the danger, treachery, and action a thriller reader could wish for. Luke Murphy has the touch.” —Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author of The Lost Order
This time, it’s not a job.
After proving his innocence as a murder suspect, taking down an assassin, and being an instrumental part in solving a high profile murder, Calvin Watters believes he can finally move on—until Ace Sanders’ prison escape catapults him into action.

This time, it’s personal!
Something has always bothered Detective Dale Dayton about the arrest of Ace Sanders. Call it police intuition, but his inner ‘cop alarm’ keeps twitching. When Dale reopens the case, he’s introduced to new evidence that leads him into a political nightmare.

Who will play the Wild Card to survive?
While Calvin tracks Sanders across continents and into unknown, unfriendly surroundings, Dale remains in Vegas to uncover the truth behind police corruption, prison escapes, and hired assassins. But Calvin and Dale must be vigilant, because there’s a deadly, new player in town.

A Calvin Watters Mystery (Book II)

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<![CDATA[INDIE SPOTLIGHT on Part II of Kami Boley's THE GATOR LEAVES NOTHING BEHIND @boleybooks]]>Sun, 08 Oct 2017 10:08:10 GMThttp://rickiwilson.com/indie-spotlight/indie-spotlight-on-part-ii-of-kami-boleys-the-gator-leaves-nothing-behind-boleybooks
The Disturbing History Saga - Inspired by actual events
"Choose de right one an' you will know peace and success . . . 
Choose de wrong one an' you will suffer in bondage many a year."

A chance meeting set the spinning threads of destiny in motion in the bayou-side community of Houma, Louisiana, where a young woman’s quiet struggle builds to horrific heights. Mary Poche finds herself facing a diabolical threat, a nemesis she never expected: her husband.
Back in September of 1958, Mary was delivered a fate-filled message about dangerous choices and two men who would enter her life. The mysterious details of that Creole woman’s warning fade fast from Mary's memory as the busy school days go by, yet her future continues to align, inescapable.  
Mary has a brilliant mind with a clear road to her educational ambitions, but life is about to throw her into a maze of relationships, hormones, desires, and dangers she never saw coming. She finds herself lured, caught amidst the attention of a boy and a man. One has a questionable future and one has a mysterious past; both are a possible threat to her safety.
She's afraid of losing her head and her heart to love . . . but what if the stakes are much higher?


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<![CDATA[INDIE SPOTLIGHT on THE HOOK by Kathleen Doler @kathleendoler]]>Mon, 18 Sep 2017 00:50:13 GMThttp://rickiwilson.com/indie-spotlight/indie-spotlight-on-the-hook-by-kathleen-doler-kathleendoler
After three years away, Dana, a globe-trotting journalist, reluctantly returns to her foggy coastal hometown, Half Moon Bay. She's been running away all of her adult life, from the mental illness and chaos that defined her childhood. Now her junkie brother, a former surf star, is tangled up with a brutal meth dealer and he's in the hospital.
Dana and Shane bonded over surfing as teenagers, frequenting local breaks, including THE HOOK, to escape their violent and damaged family. Dana's father and brother walked away from Shane years ago, unwilling to deal with his volatility and drug use. But she just won't give up on him.
As Dana turns to her friends and the tight-knit surfing community for help she confronts her brother's illegal activities and nearly homeless existence. But that's just the beginning ... a drug kingpin is chasing Shane and then Dana, the FBI are involved, a gang war is building, and a new family crisis is brewing. Meanwhile Dana's gut-wrenching and frightening journey forces her to face her ruinous childhood, her inability to sustain relationships and her struggle to move on with her life.

Surfing to Survive a Shattered Family, Drugs, Gangs, and the FBI
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<![CDATA[INDIE SPOTLIGHT on TRAIN TO THE EDGE OF THE MOON by Asper Blurry @Asper_Blurry]]>Sat, 02 Sep 2017 03:45:05 GMThttp://rickiwilson.com/indie-spotlight/indie-spotlight-on-train-to-the-edge-of-the-moon-by-asper-blurry-asper_blurry
Punk is no ordinary millennial who takes the life as it is. She has a nasty habit of getting in troubles, she shows the middle finger to prejudice and stupidity, she fights against her broken identity and darkness of her soul. She goes against the stream with her heavy, tight shoes, but she still tries to be a better person. Punk's adventurous journey to become someone who matters starts in a Place Without a Name, continues in Italy and London. Her train is full of sad reflections, laughs, modern tales about our young lives, relationships and occasional heartbreaks.

"Train to the Edge of the Moon” is about all shades of the young people reality – struggles with career, romances, feeling lost in the corporate machinery, feeling misunderstood and rejected by society. It’s funny, it makes you laugh and in the next moment it gets sad and dark and you want to crawl in the corner and cry a little. It also raises controversial issues such as addictions, depression, and abuse. Those who have been beaten down, trampled over and nearly robbed of everything that makes them who they are, those who refuse to adapt and be another brick in the wall in the modern mayhem will find here hope and strength to fight for their happiness and peace of soul.

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<![CDATA[INDIE SPOTLIGHT on BUTTERFLIES LOST WITHIN THE CROOKED MOONLIGHT by Matt Nagin @MNagin]]>Tue, 22 Aug 2017 10:15:15 GMThttp://rickiwilson.com/indie-spotlight/indie-spotlight-on-butterflies-lost-within-the-crooked-moonlight-by-matt-nagin-mnagin
This highly-accessible, dynamic collection offers existential ponderings, comic situations, poetic meditations on death, musical riffs, political commentary, striking imagery and more. The 44 poems in this collection represent a range of styles and subject matter. Twelve of these poems were previously published in such journals as Antigonish Review, Grain Magazine, Dash, Arsenic Lobster, Dash, Spillway, The Charles Carter, Downtown Brooklyn, and many, many more. This debut collection of poetry from Matt Nagin is sure to, as the title suggests, comment on the way even the most delicate and majestic of us tend to be drawn, willy-nilly, towards the crooked moonlight.

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Matt Nagin is an author, educator, actor, filmmaker and standup comedian. He has been published in Writer's Digest, The New York Post, Mic.com, The Humor Times, The Higgs-Weldon, Grain Magazine, Arsenic Lobster, Spillway, Dash, Antigonish Review and many, many more. His first book of poetry ("Butterflies Lost Within The Crooked Moonlight") was released in 2017. He also wrote and directed the short film, "Inside Job," which premiered at The Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes, where it won Best Short Film.
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"Fantastic read , if you like fantasy and adventure, you will love this book. Well written. Great story, Didn't want it to end! Can't wait for the next adventure." ~Amazon 5* Review
Forced from my home, I find myself fleeing from the evil forces that killed my father. My mother and Sebastian, our protector, are by my side — but for how long?
I soon find myself travelling with a circus led by a kindly man called Konrad, but my young mind doesn’t know who to trust. Sebastian seems less at ease with every passing day. I’m struggling to cope with the tragedy that has befallen me, and the world now seems a lot more dangerous than I had ever imagined.
My name is Prince Valiant, and I am a Child of Leif.

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After a rebellious past, Hannah now attends a strict private school in a new town, where her recently divorced mother has put her on social lock-down. No driving. No bad grades. No skipping classes. No unapproved friends. No makeup. No boys. And the subject of her best friend from her old school is definitely forbidden.
Hannah is being punished for something that happened a year earlier, something that she would like to put behind her. But strange occurrences frighten her, and she’s accused of breaking rules and doing other terrible things without any recollection of them. No one believes her, so she starts distrusting everything, even her own reflection.
Is she being haunted by her past? Stalked by someone with a grudge? Or is it all in her head? If she doesn’t figure out what’s happening fast, her existence could end up irreparably shattered.


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In high school, Charlotte Windham went through a typical ugly duckling phase - glasses and all, while harboring a crush on Garrett Stephens, the school's athletic heartthrob.
Fifteen years later, Charlotte and Garrett have a chance encounter at a Los Angeles restaurant. However, this time around, Charlotte has leveled the playing field. She’s a bestselling novelist and no longer “Glasses,” the humiliating nickname Garrett gave her.She’s a catch and, thanks to corrective eye surgery, it’s not just her eyes that see better…so does her heart!
Garrett hasn’t fared poorly either, transforming from teen heartbreaker to adult lothario and is now a successful professional golfer suffering from a possible career-ending injury.
Can Charlotte forgive Garrett for his past ways, and more recent Don Juan lifestyle? Will she even want to? And, can Garrett change his ways for a second chance with Charlotte, who may just be perfect for him?

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<![CDATA[INDIE SPOTLIGHT on Larry Landgraf's FOUR SEASONS Saga @riverrmann #scifi]]>Tue, 18 Jul 2017 03:49:13 GMThttp://rickiwilson.com/indie-spotlight/indie-spotlight-on-larry-landgrafs-four-seasons-saga-riverrmann-scifi
Lars is living alone in the Texas countryside when the economy collapses and his world becomes a dystopian nightmare. Joined by outsider Eileen, he and his neighbors band together for survival in their “Peaceful Valley.” They must learn to scratch out sustenance while fending off predatory invasions in an increasingly violent and lethal world. Into Autumn is a sweeping adventure, a thought-provoking saga that could happen to us all.
Twenty years after Into Autumn, Sean and Robbie leave Peaceful Valley for Corpus Christi, hoping to find women who will join their fiercely protective group back home. What they find is a fight to survive the violent dictatorship of ruthless Sandra Hawkins. Meanwhile, a new family joins the group in the Valley, except that what seems like a safe addition might bring the worst kinds of change. Into Spring continues the Four Seasons saga about building a new life in Texas after the collapse of civilization.

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