The first in Jackson's Bluebonnet Series
LASSO ME A MOM is available as an eBook or paperback and is available from the Kindle Lending Library.  It will be free October 11-13.  Follow Stephanie on Twitter or read her blog, TrebleSteph4.


10/07/2012 11:35am

Just so everyone knows, you won't be able to find the paperback version right now because the files are being updated. Also, I linked it to the kindle version so it has to go through that process before appearing on Amazon again. The kindle version is up on the site. The paperback version will return soon. :)

Stephanie Jackson
10/07/2012 11:53pm

Okay, the paperback version is back up on Amazon :)

10/15/2012 7:25am

Thank you, Stephanie. Best of luck to you!

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